Kite Schools

We have two locations on the coast of Watamu. Both schools offer unique experience for all levels.

JC KITE SCHOOL – Garoda beach

JC Kite School located inside the Garoda Resort. The spot is located right on the beach. Garoda Beach is the perfect beach to learn from scratch or progress in the sport.  The flat and crystal clear water that characterizes this spot will help you to improve day by day.
The flat and low water makes this spot perfect for both beginners and expert freestyle lovers. The spot is characterized by a tidal excursion that satisfies everyone’s needs: at high tide the sea has higher water and larger and cleaner waves that form on the reef, suitable for surfing with a surfboard. At low tide however, the water is flat and low, perfect for learning and for freestyle.

JC KITE SCHOOL – Salama beach

Our second Kite School is located in Jacaranda Beach, inside the Beach Bar & Restaurant Salama Beach. It is a magical and wild place that directly overlooks one of the most beautiful flat lagoons off the coast. The breathtaking colors of this beach and its pristine beauty will leave you speechless.  Kiting in this spot will be fantastic. 


Watamu is one of Kenya’s best known and most loved place, the cosmopolitan and peaceful atmosphere of this paradise is perfect for a relaxing holiday. Its beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole nation, with its white sand and breathtakingly colored sea. 

The beach allows you to take long walks admiring the Watamu marine park, which represents an unspoiled paradise where you can admire various species of tropical fish, sea turtle and dolphins.