Chase the wind!

 Chase the wind!

Are you ready for an Epic tropical experience?

Embark with us for the first Kite Surfing Downwind Experience in Africa! Never stop exploring your world, and discover hidden spots. 10 days of adventures. With a mix of kite surf and sun. Outdoors activities and beach life in between sessions. For us, the sport of kiting has never been about just going for a ride. We like to stray off the beaten track, look for a better spot and push ourselves to become better riders. We like the fun to keep on going, not stopping when we pack away our kit, and we like to do it together with others – since it’s always more fun to share the stoke with others. Our kite trips reflect exactly this. Guided by our experienced team to some of our favourite spots in East Kenya, you can join us for an adventure where we’ll make sure you get the best from each moment.

Keeping things mellow, most of our Downwind trips run over a period of 10 days, meeting on a Friday at the session spot for a ride, finishing on a Sunday evening with a cold one and a catch up about good memories made.

Off the water, we’ll be shacking up in safari style accomodation for the trip where we’ll be taking care of cooking {breakfast and dinner} so you can kick back and enjoy a brew, or two. A blend of riding, adventure, food, company, coaching and maybe a few too many drinks – you’re welcome to join us!

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