Who is behind JC Kite Schools?

 Who is behind JC Kite Schools?

The mind behind the JC Kite School is pro rider and champion Jacopo Cantini!

Jacopo Cantini (born 28 November 1995) is an Italian professional kitesurfer who has won the Italian Freestyle Championship in 2012, 2013, 2014.

In 2012 , he became Red Bull Kite-O Champion. He won the race with epic weather conditions in an insidious and unknown course.

In 2017, he won the Italian TTR Kitesurfing Championship, (Marina di Grosseto).

In 2018, second place of Kitesurfing Italian Championship (Lake Idro)

He also won the Abu Dhabi One Kitesurfing Cup in 2017 and the Kenya Kite Cup in 2019, 2020, 2021.

I have always dreamed of being able to live in a tropical paradise and, here in 2017, after eleven years of kiting between different spots and competitions around the world, I was only 21 and I finally managed to fulfill my desire. My two spots “Garoda Beach” and “Jacaranda Beach” have all the ideal characteristics to practice this sport and have fun together with other kiters both on flat water and above the reef surfing the waves. Ever since I started kitesurfing, the passion and love for this sport has never changed. Jacopo Cantini, Pro Kitesurfer 

Jacopo started kiteboarding at the age of 11, his father, Roberto, after returning from a trip to Brazil, decided to teach Jacopo how to kitesurf and they started traveling around the world together to experience different kitesurfing spots. He quickly made a name for himself in Italy and later down the line in Kenya as a pro rider who is always willing to push the sport hard with higher and more spectacular jumps.

For a number of years Jacopo has been competing on the freestyle world tours with a first position overall in 2021 as his best ranking.

Jacopo was one of the few riders to try radical high-powered moves in gale force conditions, easily jumping over 20 m high in Cape Town , South Africa. He excels in the air time discipline, freestyle and big air. His dream would be to compete in the Reb Bull King of the air in Cape Town, South Africa.

One of his signature moves has become the old school trick “Dead man”, where the kiter hangs upside down during a jump, lets go of the control bar, and hangs their arms downward.

Four years ago, Jacopo opened his first kitesurfing school in Garoda beach, Kenya and a year a later, a second school in Jacaranda beach. He also focuses on other projects, and creates and organizes new kiteboarding concepts and events like kitesurfing safaris and downwind trips. He also launched the first ever kitesurfing downwind trip of East Kenya in 2021.

Jacopo is a huge support of the local community of Kenya, he is passionate about supporting the local children of Kenya and has created a up-cycling project which consists in helping them build they own kites with recycling material and fly these handmade kites on the beach by his kite spot on Garoda beach.

Jacopo is currently sponsored by Duotone Kiteboarding & ION.

He is also IKO basic trained and advanced instructor.

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